Fendi Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection feature Selleria Backpacks

Fendi recently showed their Men’s Spring/Summer 2015 Collection and it included a variety of Selleria Backpacks in different styles that would work on either a male or female. If you’re a fan of the Chanel Etoile Backpack design, then this compact piece is a versatile and an excellent addition to anyone’s collection.
Fendi featured the now iconic Monster design on their new series of backpacks. In addition, some of the backpacks feature the crocodile tail which was also seen in the By The Way Bag from the Women’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. Cute details like a shearling light bulb and leather straps were attached to the bag’s zipper. The colors include bright yellow, green, blue and an ombre navy crocodile exterior.





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Balenciaga Releases Silver Metallic Edge City Bag

Balenciaga just released their Pre-fall 2014 items on Balenciaga.com, which includes the Balenciaga Beige Sable Metallic Edge City bag in Silver hardware. The light beige sable resembles almost an off-white when pictured, and is luxurious in silver hardware. The smaller Mini City version retails for $1,545 USD and the larger City is $2,125 USD. Much like Balenciaga’s offerings they likely are producing these versions in limited quantities so get it while it lasts. The new silver metallic edge city bag is also available a dark Blue Paon from MyTheresa for Pre-fall 2014 for a more versatile look.

Céline Spring 2014 RTW Collection

Clear your mind and take a moment to imagine the mindset of the most creative people of our time as they produced one of their famed masterpieces. Imagine yourself as Dr. Seuss writing his children’s books such as “Green Eggs and Ham”. Imagine the mindset of Maurice Sendak when he wrote “Where the Wild Things Are.” If you could create a clothing-line that consisted of all your wildest imaginations, something similar to the Céline Spring 2014 RTW Collection would be the result. The Céline Spring 2014 RTW Collection is flamboyant and ridiculously fun. The light, “I do not care what you think of my outfit” attitude reflects strongly in the collection.

This is a collection for a brave girl who is ready to announce her existence to the world. Have you ever seen someone in an outfit that you know you will never forget? Imagine a whole runway of “that” outfit coming at you all at one time. The collection is almost sensory overload but in a pleasant, you do not want to resist the feeling, way. The only way I know how to describe the look is ‘graffiti as clothing’ – the random moment of having artistic ideas in your head that you must get out in any way possible; with a can of spray paint. The Céline Spring 2014 RTW Collection is like walking down the road and coming across the most unexpected and beautiful street art, which you will look forward to seeing again every time you walk by. The collection is simply success dressed in her best outfit.

Vintage Hermes Kelly Bag

Here’s Lady Gaga, arriving at her father’s restaurant, Joanne Trattoria, in NYC, carrying a vintage Hermes Kelly Bag that has been…well loved. Gaga has a history of carrying altered, or, depending on your perspective, “defaced,” Hermes bags, so it’s not a stretch to think that she likes the half-destroyed look of this one. You can find pre-owned Hermes Kelly bags in far superior condition for sale on Portero.
We’ve seen Gaga with a similar Hermes Kelly Bag before, so it’s possible that she and this Kelly have simply been through a lot together, and she feels compelled to continue carrying it for purely sentimental reasons. Or maybe a busted Hermes bag is just a key component of her unique vision for this particular fashion ensemble. You can see all of her ladyship’s favorite Hermes bags (and wonderfully bizarre outfits) in “The Many Bags of Lady Gaga.”

Céline Nano Luggage Tote

In the past few years, no bag has gained the quick and steady popularity of the Céline Luggage Tote. The bag reached mass It Bag hysteria in 2011 and has yet to to waiver from the pedestal everyone has placed it on. In fact, you can see this bag on the arms of basically everyone – actresses, reality stars, style bloggers and fashion insiders alike. A day hasn’t gone by in a long time in which I haven’t seen a version of the Céline Luggage Tote.
While many know the Mini version of this bag as the classic, the Nano popped up a few seasons later and gathered quite the following. I’ve already reviewed my much-beloved and little-known Celine Triptyque, and now I want to give you a look at my Celine Nano.

Chanel Quintessential Classic Flap

In Chanel, coxswain celebrated a very special move with a new Reissue that will definitely come in handy. We join the rest of her Chanel friends in thanking her husband for his service, and sharing her happiness at returning to their home state after a long absence. And of course, what a great new bag!
We also spotted this quintessential Classic Flap in luscious lambskin that bagloverny added to her collection; this iconic bag will surely be a wardrobe staple and, well, we want it (but we haven’t gotten a ticket off Ban Island yet)! And, heads up, the Pre-Summer Sale thread just started, and we are sure this will be a hot destination full of wonderful reveals and cannot wait to check back.

On our way out of Chanel, we spotted helenhandbag’s Amsterdam reveal of a spectacular new bag called Castle Rock and had to share. You can read all about it here, and generous helen has also included codes if you are hoping to add this new bag to your collection.
Well, fans, that’s our Roundup for this week – we sincerely thank you for joining us. Remember, all around the PurseForum, members are revealing bags, shoes and accessories, but that’s just the beginning of what this wonderful forum has to offer. We hope you will take some time to explore and to make new friends; we have plenty of incredibly kind, generous and clever members in every nook and cranny of this amazing place. We will be back next week with more for you to sample, but meanwhile, have a wonderful weekend and a very happy week ahead!

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Neverfull Tote

Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Neverfull Tote

Here’s Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima, enjoying the luxuries of being rich and beautiful in Miami Beach, toting a Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Neverfull Tote. Although Neverfulls are pretty expensive, and this one in particular is quite rare, Neverfulls actually do make pretty great beach totes for those with the funds, as long as you don’t mind getting a little sand in the lining. They’re extremely lightweight, roomy and durable.
Adriana’s bright, bold bag is a nice change of pace from the onslaught of muted pink Louis Vuitton Soft Lockits we’ve seen celebs carrying over the last several weeks. We recently posted an extremely comprehensive guide to the Louis Vuitton Neverfull, which is a must-read if you’re planning on acquiring one any time in the near future.

Michael Kors Vivian Satchel

Last week, while we were discussing celebrity handbag placements, one of our comments mentioned the Michael Kors Vivian Bag and her budding interest in it. Her timing couldn’t have been better; I’ve been looking at the brand new Vivian line for a couple of weeks now, and the more I do, the more I like it.
Perhaps because of its ubiquity (and also perhaps because of some of the customers stereotypically associated with the brand’s logo-bedecked diffusion line), Michael Kors tends to inspire opinions on either extreme of the Handbag Feelings Continuum: people love Kors and everything his sporty version of luxury stands for, or they loathe his brand with a tenacity that would frighten most pit bulls. In many ways, either reaction is a win on Kors’ part; it means that he has created a vision that is both specific enough and popular enough to bother people.
Kors has a unique challenge in selling bags that cost more than a thousand dollars, though. The lower-priced MICHAEL Michael Kors brand is so well-known for its bags and so aesthetically similar to Michael Kors Collection that it tends to make upper-tier consumers a little wary. After all, anyone paying that much for a bag wants to make sure that the brand itself can provide value.
The Vivian, along with the Miranda tote before it, can potentially do some important work to differentiate the lines and create accessories value. Kors is particularly adept at getting his bags onto celebrity arms, so that is surely ahead for the Vivian, but it’d be hard to effectively argue that this isn’t a pretty nice-looking handbag without any hype at all.
It owes a debt to a few other nice-looking handbags, to be sure. The overall look feels Prada-inspired, and the unique hardware reminds me of that of the Proenza Schouler PS11. It’s hard to find any new bag that doesn’t feel at least a little like some other, not-so-new bag, though, and the relatively sane price tag on this bag will make it a more likely wear-to-work option for a lot of women.

Fendi myBaguette App

Personalization is a huge trend in luxury fashion, but in general, the only way to make a handbag truly your own is through painted or hot-stamped monogramming. It’s only a matter of time before the personalization arms race escalates into further customizations, and I very much hoped that the new Fendi myBaguette App would spring us into the future. And it does! Sort of.
When Fendi first announced this app several days ago, I imagined that it might be a Nike MyID for luxury bags – a way to customize color combinations, hardware choices and trim varieties for one of the brand’s most iconic pieces, and then buy that one-of-a-kind bag. The first part is totally true: Fendi lets you play with its signature Baguette in a huge number of ways, as long as you have an iPad or Android Tablet. You can even upload a personal photo to use as the bag’s pattern.
Once you’re done designing, though, there’s not much to do. You can save your design to the app’s gallery and start on another, or you share your masterpiece via social media, but that’s it. Fendi says that once a month, Silvia Venturini Fendi will christen one of the mock-ups the Baguette of the Month, but that doesn’t come with any promise to produce it as an actual bag.
Hopefully the made-to-order option will be added one day, but for now, the app serves as a fairly entertaining coloring book for adults. Katherine, our intrepid assistant editor, took it for a spin, and she said that although she had issues with lag time here and there, it was quite the enjoyable assignment. Check out some if the app’s interface (and Katherine’s designs) below or download it via the Apple App Store or Google Play.